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Finjan offers investors a diversified and unique vehicle for investing in intellectual property-backed technologies under the guidance of a proven team.

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Finjan, founded in 1997, is a technology company committed to enabling innovation through the licensing of its intellectual property. The Company’s engineers and developers' pioneered behavior-based, real-time detection of online threats by identifying patterns and expected behavior of code and content rather than relying solely upon "signatures" of existing and already known threats.

Having such valuable assets, we have invested considerable time, effort and resources to secure our inventions with U.S. and foreign patents. Recognizing that Finjan's patented technologies have become increasingly relevant across today's growing security sector, we offer our patented technology throughout the industry. To date we have licensed our cybersecurity technologies to a number of major industry players, including Microsoft, Trustwave, and M86 Security, and have returned, to date, more than $145 million to our original investors.

We are committed to our Core Values and Best Practices in licensing which are "gold standard" for transparency in the industry. Finjan continues to grow through strategic acquisition, investment, and partnerships promoting innovation and job creation.

Upcoming Events

Leading IP practitioners and experts discuss dramatic changes in the IP business landscape caused by legislation, court decisions, administrative changes, and “anti-patent troll” public opinion.  

  • Phil Hartstein, President and CEO of Finjan Holdings, Inc.
  • Mark Argento, Head of Capital Markets and Equity Research of Lake Street Capital Markets
  • Caren Yusem, an expert on the new IP business models 
  • Robert Greene Sterne, editor-in-chief of Patent Office Litigation
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