Investor FAQ

  • Who is Finjan Holdings, Inc.?
  • Founded in 1997, Finjan is recognized globally as a cybersecurity pioneer and leader. Finjan’s investment in innovation is captured in our patent portfolio, centered around software and hardware technologies capable of proactively detecting previously unknown and emerging threats on a real-time, behavior-based basis.  Finjan’s software detects malicious code and protects end users from identity and data theft, spyware, malware, phishing, trojans and other online threats.  To date, we have successfully licensed our intellectual property to major technology companies for more than $250 million. 

  • How are Finjan, Inc.’s technologies relevant to the broader business world and economy?
  • Finjan’s patented cybersecurity technologies are increasingly relevant as new products offerings in the market include malicious code detection as a primary component to any network or online security architecture.

  • Where is Finjan Holdings headquartered?
  • Our principal executive offices are located at:

    2000 University Ave
    Suite 600, East Palo Alto, CA 94303

  • Where and when was Finjan, Inc. founded?
  • Finjan was founded in Israel in 1997 to cultivate proprietary technology that focused on proactively detecting threats to online security by identifying patterns and behavior of online viruses and other malicious code, rather than relying on lists of threats known within the online security industry. Our technology allows users to proactively scan and repel the latest, and often unknown, threats to network, web, and endpoint security on a real-time basis. Following the development of our patented technology, our subsidiaries provided secure web solutions, including security software and hardware, to the enterprise and endpoint markets.

  • What is Finjan Holdings’ fiscal year?
  • We have a December 31 fiscal year end.

  • What stock exchange is Finjan Holdings listed on and what is the ticker symbol?
  • The Company’s common stock is listed on The NASDAQ Capital Market under the ticker symbol “FNJN”.

  • How many common shares of Finjan Holdings are outstanding?
  • The current number of common shares outstanding can be found in Finjan Holdings’ most recently filed 10-K or 10-Q located in the “Investors – SEC Filings” section of our web site.

  • Who is Finjan Holdings’ transfer agent?
  • The transfer agent for the common stock is Computershare, (877) 373-6374 They can assist with a variety of shareholder-related services such as

    • Change of address
    • Transfer ownership of stock
    • Request stock certificate(s)
    • Request account statement
  • Who are the independent accountants for Finjan Holdings?
  • Our independent accountants are Marcum LLP, New York, NY.

  • Is the Company currently developing patents
  • We have 40 pending and issued patents around the world based upon our own innovations, covering behavior-based security, intrusion prevention, and access restriction technologies. With the ever-changing landscape of online security, Finjan’s technologies have become increasingly relevant. We continue to offer our patent licenses to companies who have current and next generation products in the marketplace and are already utilizing our intellectual property.

    In addition, Finjan has an ongoing multi-million dollar investment in Jerusalem Venture Partners, a cybersecurity venture fund.

    About Jerusalem Venture Partners

    • Top 10 consistently performing VC fund worldwide (#1 in Israel)
    • 100 companies created since 1993 with $1 BN raised across 9 funds
    • 15 M&A exits and 11 IPO’s accumulating over $17 BN of transaction value
    • Hundred’s of millions in returns distributed to partners over the past three years

    Key Investment Highlights

    • Outsourced R&D, continued engagement and thought leadership in cybersecurity technology
    • Access to a pool of innovative technology companies with valuable patent assets
    • Israel has been a notable opportunity for acquisitions in security
  • What is Finjan Holdings’ stated strategy?
  • Our mission is to invest in innovation and encourage the development of core intellectual property focusing on cybersecurity.

    We believe our patented technology is significant and we intend to further disseminate our technology. Furthermore the Company is pursuing new patents and patent applications for our existing technology portfolio, as well as strategic partnerships and acquisitions. Future licensing efforts may involve negotiated transactions or, if necessary, enforcement of our patent rights.

  • How do I receive the latest information on the Company?
  • To download our latest annual and quarterly reports, click on the “Investors – SEC Filings” section of our web site. If you would like an annual report or press release mailed to you, or if you simply have additional questions, please email

  • Who can I contact regarding Finjan investor or media questions?
  • Investor Relations:

    Vanessa Winter | Finjan|
    (650) 282-3245 |

    Alan Sheinwald | KCSA Strategic Communications|

    (914) 669-0222 | 

    Media Relations Contact:

    Nick Gaffney | Zumado Public Relations|
    (415) 732-7801 |

    Lorraine Flett | Zumado Public Relations|
    (415) 742-5904 |